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Ways On How To Flirt With a Girl On Text

If you’re tired of sending weird messages to your girlfriend, then you can go through the tips elaborated below. There’s nothing much to worry about even when you have not mastered the art of flirting. Things that seem tough may sound easier once you start scrolling down.

Be Simple

Always keep things simple when you’re engrossed with the text chat. Remember there’s little time to think when others are leading a hectic lifestyle. What’s more - you would be making the chat boring and setting yourself away from the girl. On the other hand, if your mate finds you interesting, then she would always like to plan romantic dates frequently.

Add Value

Remember to add value to the interaction, or else you won’t be on the right track. Messages like ‘Wassup?’ or ‘What are you up to?’ don’t mean anything. Instead, frame the question into an interesting sentence. It could rather be ‘I guess you are thinking about me, let’s start chatting’. If nothing pops up in your mind, then you could send an emoticon which depicts a smiling face.

Never Over-Text

When you have exchanged numbers and you feel like texting her, then you should be concise and simple. Unless you receive a reply, you shouldn’t start texting again. You would be losing the chance by becoming unnecessarily eager. Control your emotions and never let the girl know how much you care. If that’s not the case, then the first instance might probably be the last one.

Create Tension

When you’re flirting with the girl, you should remember to create tension and rapport. These would help you to build comfort and of course strengthen the bond. Keep things light when it’s time to tease her. Avoid using dirty words because it may create embarrassment to send replies. However, if the girl is getting naughty, then you could say ‘I don’t know about your last boyfriend, but I am sure that he must have loved the way you chat'.

Ask Questions

When the chat’s never going to end, use questions to know more about her character. If the girl is taking time to respond, then send a question like ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, can you rate how good you are at kissing?’ Alternatively, you can ping her with ‘Do you know what I was dreaming last night?’. It’s all up to how you want to take the chat. Just ensure that the girl laughs while you are confident with a flirty question.

Move Ahead

Do move forward from the time of textual courtship till you are going to meet her. Either text her when it’s sleeping time or call her when you’re free. Once you’re confident, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a date. Besides, you shouldn’t miss exchanging pictures when you’re on with the chat.

Finally, when it’s a chat over a social media platform, then strength lies in your profile. If the girl is taking time to reply, then you should proceed. Understand that she has been curious to know more after viewing your arsenal. In fact, she has wasted time to imagine how you would appear in reality.

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