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Facts About Teen Sexting (over 18 ONLY)

Most of the times, youngsters over 18 prefer moving on to sexting when they don’t have the confidence for a face to face interaction. It could either be naughty messages or semi-nude photographs. But, with the increasing use of smartphones with cameras, people considered to take everything seriously. The problem occurs when the individual doesn’t know when and to whom the sexting texts would be sent. So, do scroll down to know some interesting facts about sexting.

There are several reasons why teenage girls indulge in a sex chat. While 40 percent of the girls like to send jokes, 34 percent just move on to enjoy the experience. On the other hand, 12 percent feel the pressure and don’t love chatting with the mate.

It’s always a big question as to who would be viewing the text message. In the modern world, 17% of sexters share the message instantly once they receive it. The message is also broadcasted by 55% of the individuals when they don’t hesitate to share with more than a single person.

While almost 70% of teenagers send instant messages to please or surprise their mates, 61% of the sexters who send nude photos accept the fact that they were engulfed with fear. Whenever they moved on with the sex chat, they used to feel the pressure especially when it’s the first time.

Among the teenagers, 40% like sending sexually suggestive messages. The practice is usually followed by boys rather than girls. The individuals who received the messages constituted about 48%. Quite frequently, teen girls find the delight in sending semi-nude photographs. As compared to the boys, 22% of girls had been reported to send such messages.

Finally, it’s always a rare scenario when people don’t take the risk of sending photos to someone who they don’t know. So, to avoid those embarrassing moments, a teenager should be on the safer side. He or she should refrain from sending nude photos. The person might get stuck in a situation which can be tough to handle. Eventually, the individual shouldn’t lose dignity when she is living among families across the street.

To get more information about teen sexting, check out our infographic below.

Teen Sexting Infographic

Teen Sexting Facts

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