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Text FLING to 69992

Text 'FLING' followed by preferences to 69992

Get off with the UK sexy Gay Men, Lesbians or Bisexuals on your mobile in just minutes for adult chat! With so many Gay Men or Lesbians to choose from there is bound to be one for you! Contact REAL Gay Men, Lesbians or Bisexuals in seconds and start Gay Text Chat now!

Mobile Gay and Mesbian SMS Chat
Gay SMS Sex Text Chat

Gay SMS Text Chat

Milf SMS Sex Text Chat

Lesbian, gay and bisexual singles/couples regular text in so this service is packed with horny guys and girls. Just text in your search preferences (i.e. 'Fling Gay', 'Fling Lesbians' or 'Fling Bisexuals') and let us do the rest!

Fling Text Chat is packed with everything from well to do girls and well toned guys. Simply, text us what you are actually seeking and we’ll do the rest. We have a big list of gays, lesbians, couples, and bisexuals. No matter what your temperament is, a bisexual sex chat would be best for your pastime. For sure, you would be overjoyed even when there’s nothing to do during those boring hours. But, if you’re searching for something that would appeal you, then move on with gay sex chat. You can get a little more humorous even from a distance.

Hour after hour, when your chat never ends, you can be amazed with hot looking gay men, or if you’re a woman, you can switch to a lesbian sex chat. Besides, you’re indulgence would be more when you get in touch with couples. At any point of time, you can change your choices and decide what’s best for you.
Text FLING to 69992

Text 'FLING' followed by preferences to 69992

(18+ £1.50 per message, max 2 replies.)

Fling Gay Chat is a fabulous SMS Gay Text Chat service. Whatever time of the day, sitting on the sofa, lying in bed or even traveling to work, you decide, but what we know is that Gay Chat is there waiting for you to text "FLING GAY" to 69992. You will receive messages form REAL GAY MEN or WOMEN who wan to chat and flirt with you. You can share photos and ask anything you like, just text "FLING GAY" to get started. Unlike dating sites, tis is not a subscription service and hence you wont be caught out with any expensive re-billing that dating sites employ. Gay text chat is truly fun and we'll love the flirt you when ever you want.